Andrés Schteingart aka El Remolón is the brains behind the soundtrack of Boxeo Constitucion. He is reckoned as an argentinian pioneer of the "cumbia digital", while at the same time constantly rejuvenating this booming genre with new noises, grooves and glitches. The noises of the subterranean boxing gym, which form a highly rhythmic soundscape, constituted the starting point for the composition – El Remolón even incorporated many of these noises into the soundtrack, giving it a uniquely gritty, organic feel. Together with director Weingartner and wizard sound designer Sven Serfling, each track was then adapted meticulously to the narrative flow of the documentary: as a result, the spectator is able to use the music like an aural rope ladder and climb into story of Boxeo Constitución and immerse himself in it.

Soundtrack available online at beatport and amazon.